Spin! is a 2D physics-based game in which you control the environment. Rotate platforms, activate pistons, avoid spikes and get the ball to the end. Spin! features 25 levels in total.


  • A/D -> Rotate platforms
  • Space -> Activate pistons
  • R -> Retry

This game is made by Alienplay Games.

Music by: https://cynicmusic.com

Sound effects from: http://dustyroom.com/free-casual-game-sounds/

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Abstract, Casual, Minimalist, Physics, Singleplayer, Two colors, Unity, Vector
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, Interactive tutorial, Textless


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rotate the platforms to get to the flag safely without hitting the spikes try your best timing to complete all 25 levels

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Theres a Speedrunning community of this game on Speedrun.com, would be nice if you add a Level Selection screen (easier to do IL runs)

Would also be nice if you leave older Versions avaiable for download (if it get's Major updates)


Thanks for feedback, and also for the link, I didn't know that people were speed running this game.

Sadly, this game is pretty old, so it's unlikely that I'll update it anymore.

which game version is it right now?

I don't think I tracked that at the time. This should be the initial published version with some bug fixes.

Do you have a open source unity thing so could edit it, because i want to find out the best possible time

Hey! Thanks a lot for your interest in this game!

I do have the code base for this game saved but I can't share it right now. It contains some paid assets and it would be a pain to clear it out and do all the licensing properly to make it open source.

The code for this game is also messy as hell so it's probably better that no one else except for me will ever have to read it :D

Sorry about that! I hope you'll have a great day! :)


great game very fun

Which soundtrack is played throughout the game

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This one: https://opengameart.org/content/calm-ambient-2-synthwave-15k :)

hooooo that's some good sound design


Thanks but I can't really take credit for that. They are made by http://dustyroom.com/free-casual-game-sounds/


20min happy time)


:) Glad to hear that!


Wonderful game!

Suggestion: add reset button, i got stuck at level 6 and I couldn't continue, had to refresh browser. A small button will make it seamless :)


the R key resets the level on browser!

Thanks for bringing this up! I forgot to note in the description that you can press 'R' to retry as  noeiies already said :)

This game is wonderful! One idea I have for this is a level editor.

Thank you for feedback! :D

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Golf but with spinning bars and trampolines....

That's good. Simple and elegant. Should port to mobiles.

Edit: spelling

:D Thank you very much!


A fun little game 

Eventhough the concept is really simple the level design fits perfectly and really fun :)

Please make more levels

Thanks! :D

Great concept and nice level design! I liked the graphic style too :)

You should make more levels with this mechanic!

Thank you! :)

Such an awesome game. I got hooked instantly.

Thanks for making the video! I got a lot of valuable insights from it :)

This is probably the best puzzle game i've played in ages!

I really hope that more is done with this :)

Thank you very much! :D

What a great and simple idea ...

you should go further with this game,

Thanks for making this amazing game

Thank you for playing it! :D


What a brilliant little game! It's so simple and so addicting!! Honestly you should really put this on the app store or on mobile just in general! Very impressive! 

Also loved the background music, very atmospheric. It fit well with this game!

Thank you! Mobile launch is something I'm definitely considering.