Soulless Flesh is a turn-based survival shoot-em up. Run away from zombies or shoot them to survive. This game is singleplayer experience with low poly aesthetic playable both on Web and on Windows.

Soulless Flesh is made for 2 Button Game Jam. My two buttons of choice are:

  • A - Movement
  • D - Reload & Wait Turn

Controls are explained in more detail inside the game.

There are some known issues in the game like:

  • Waiting time between turns is fixed (1 second)
  • You can't always see if you're inline with enemies
  • Sometimes it's hard to see a player behind trees
  • WebGL lighting may not work

Let me know if you like the game!

All suggestions and feedback are welcome!


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After input description I just get the hud and a black screen. When I press "D" I get the message "Wait your turn" 

Thank you for the bug report!

I've made downloadable windows version available now on the game page. I hope it'll work.

I think that error has something to do with lighting in the game, I'll try to fix that before submission for the game jam ends.