Fling is a 2D platforming game with Grappling Hook as the only way to move.

Fling has simple, clean and minimal pixelated graphics, which makes the game easy to understand during gameplay.
Gameplay itself is focused around one key mechanic and that's moving with grappling hook. Everything else in the game is centered around this kind of movement.
Game features Endless mode in addition to 30 main levels. Fling is fun, challenging and addictive web game and it really tests your skills.


  • Left Mouse Button - Shoot the hook
  • Right Mouse Button - Break the hook
  • Hold Left Mouse Button - Pull yourself towards the hook


  • 30 Levels
  • Endless mode
  • 3 types of hazards
  • 2 types of intractable objects

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Love this game

very playable and not too hard, great physics.

Thank you! :)

The level aim is immpossible

what did the new update do?


also noice game XD i like it (should have lead with that, i meant no disrespect)

XD Thanks!

New update just sitelocked the game.

The endless mode has me hooked! Very nice game.

Thanks! :D

Deleted 1 year ago

XD Thanks!

Liked this much more than I was expecting to! I think you explored the concept very imaginatively and took it much further than I was expecting. The difficulty ramped up very nicely, too. Great job!

Thank you!

It's great that you pointed out a difficulty curve, because I've had some doubts about it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Cool game mechanic!

Thank you!