Risky War is a turn-based strategy game with simple, voxel graphics. 

Game features 5 different units to play with. Those are: 

  • Swordsman
  • Archer
  • Spearman
  • Builder
  • Miner

Every time you play the game level will be randomly generated so every playthrough is different.

In this game you can win by destroying your enemy's castle.

To learn how to play you can check out tutorial section in the main menu. Game is played with mouse, W, A, S, D keys (for movement) and with Q and E (for camera rotation).

Game was made purely in order to learn new game development skills, such as how basic AI works, and it isn't in any way polished product.

Turn-based gameplay

Fight your enemy

Random terrain generation

Always play in different environment

Build your empire

Build your empire and win the game

Install instructions

This game can be played on PC, Mac OS and Linux.

Just download it, unzip it and that's it. You can play the game. 

Hope you'll enjoy it!


Risky War - PC.zip 18 MB
Risky War - Linux.zip 35 MB

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