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Great game! <3


Thank you! :D

Ok, so in the second puzzle I just got stuck, line can't move. Is it maybe a bug? Like the concept game, really cool

Try using right click to reset the line. You can't connect the line to those transparent connectors.

Let me know if it works now :D

Thanks for playing!

Such a fun and cool game keep up the amazing work. 

Thank you so much! :)

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Like it so far :) The pace, the controls , the music are just great.Only things I don't like is  no windows download because I liked to play all my game without being connected....Crash at level 16 so have to start from level 01

Thank you! I'll make sure to add an option to download it for Windows.

Waoh thanks a lot :) Was charmed by the game. Its so great to find games with simple concept and art that are delightful to play:)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Hey mrseguin, windows download is available now. Although, I'd suggest you play it in a windowed mode (800x600, same as on web) because I'm not sure if everything looks OK on larger resolutions.

i have no idea how to beat level 6

Hey ^densch, the game will be updated soon and that update will hopefully fix the learning curve. 

If you want I can notify you here in the comments when that happens. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm stuck at level 6 as well.

I've updated the game today. Although, that was before you commented so you've probably already played the latest version.

Tip: Use RMB :)