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Very fun and short game, challenging too.

Didn't see any bugs.

*69* Noice

Thanks for the short but fun little game!


Thank you for playing it and recording a playthrough of it! :D

Thanks again for the game :D


Thanks! :)


I know i'm really really really really really really really really really really late but... This game is quite really fun but short and boring after some time. If you could add a shop, new zombies and stuff... It would be really great

Sorry, but I'm no longer working on this game :(

Fun game! Won on normal, took about 3 minutes. Took about 5-6 minutes on hard, very challenging and fun!

Thank you! The game is really short so I'll try uploading more of these kinds of survival games in the near future.

I really enjoyed this game! 

Awesome! Thanks for recording it!

Heya, is this the same as the gamejolt version?

Yes, it is.

i got it to work thru firefox browser zombies come way to fast very hard game but good game!


game error it said if i was game dev to allocate less memory to web GL not sure what i can do to get this to work guess i have to wait for game dev to fix this

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Thanks for reporting that error. I don't think that I'm allowed to upload new version of the game during the game jam voting process, but I'll try to fix this error once the jam is over.

cool! ill be waiting to play this when it gets fixed thanks!

Very funny game with an idea I think I haven't seen! The mechanics worked well for me, after I figured that you need to use the mouse to aim when shooting. I wish there was some kind of animation for the game over, like the zombies eating you or something. Now the game just ends when a door breaks. The main character's grunting every time you change a place was totally the best part, though.

If you're interested, you're welcome to enter our annual contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Thanks for playing!! I'm glad that you liked the game and the idea!

We might work on this game in the future and, in that case, we'll definitely add a better tutorial. I agree that animation for the game over would add more polish to our game, so that would be something interesting to add. 

Thanks again for feedback! We'll definitely  check out Game Development World Championship, it seems really cool!

Okay, thanks for taking interest and best of luck with the game, if the work continues!


Svidja mi se igra, jedino da se malo brze krece glavni lik

Drago mi je da ti se svidja igra, a glavni lik se krece sporo kako bi igra bila napetija, mada cu isprobati i da povecam brzinu.

how to shoot zombies wtfk?:D

First of all you need to click on the pistol icon, then player will move towards it and when he reaches it you can aim by moving the mouse. Also, make sure that your cursor is in front of the player when aiming, otherwise it won't work correctlly.

I hope that you won't have any more issues with the game.